Renowned TV networks in France

TV entertainment is one of the biggest entertainment industries around the world, and this short article looks at three of the greatest French channels.

Entertainment TV is the most versatile and popular form of TV, with potentially the most channels dedicated to it around the world. France is like anywhere else and has plenty of entertainment channels to select from. There are so many French sitcoms and dramas offered on these networks but also English language series, that are either dubbed over or have subtitles. The best known TV network in France is unsurprisingly on channel 1 which is directed by Gilles Pélisson; the network has a 24% market share, which is very notable. The network has a great range of programs, ranging from kids’ programmes like animations, to hard hitting dramas; a number of the most popular French TV shows were aired for the first time on this network. As the network is the most watched, it likewise receives a great amount of advertising investment.

Possibly the most important form of television is news TV, without which a great deal of of the population would not be knowledgeable about the world’s news. Many people no longer look at newspapers, so they use the radio or TV to access current issues; this suggests the preferred French news channels have some of the highest viewers out of all the networks. While some of the news on these channels can be celebrity news, most focus on French news and international affairs. One of the most popular news networks is partly owned by telecommunications businessman Patrick Drahi. After the creation of 24hr news channels, it has opened the door for news firms to develop their own networks where there is continual rolling news coverage, which allows for more marketing and advertising and viewership.

France is one of the biggest countries in Europe, so naturally it will have plenty of TV entertainment. Within the TV industry there are many different forms, with TV sport being one of the most popular. French TV plays many sports, including football, rugby, handball and athletics. Football has the highest demand in France, especially in the north, where it is enjoyed the most. Rugby is much more common in the south of the country, with the many coastal cities having the very best teams. All these sports are available anywhere in the country anyway, with the biggest sports channel and broadcaster part run by Vincent Bolloré. As this is probably one of the most renowned channels on the French TV guide, it has a big revenue supply, and advertising space on the channel is in great demand. The channel is likewise on a subscription basis, so the income produced is not only from the advertising submitted to the channel. Although, the sports fan is generally very loyal, therefore will gladly pay a fee to be able to watch their favourite sport or club.

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